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• The World Class Team Jump Start Program

This team start-up program brings a new team together to understand the key components of a high-performance team. During this program the team will establish the team’s character, vision, and values; develop the team’s goals and accountabilities; agree on team processes and operating agreements; and develop action plans for individual and team skills development.

• The World Class Senior Management & Stakeholder Team Orientation

This interactive program gives senior management the opportunity to review and discuss the key components of team development and effectiveness strategies and programs to be implemented in the organization. Additionally, senior management has the opportunity to discuss and determine the role they are going to take during the implementation of team launches and team development.

• Teams at the Top: The Executive Team Leadership Program

This program is designed for executive leadership teams and will help the team assess their performance as a senior leadership team. During this program, your executive team will develop a mission and vision statement, as well as specific goals for the upcoming year. They will define the critical strategic leadership requirements that will focus their leadership practices both individually and as a team. Upon completing the program, the executive team will develop a Leadership Action Plan, which will include a strategy for "Leaders Developing Leaders."

• The World Class Team Leadership Program

This program is designed to help team leaders understand the challenges they face by being in a leadership position. We will provide tools to better understand what good leadership means, offer feedback on your leadership style, and assess what behaviors you can develop, given your particular environment, which will ultimately make you a stronger leader for your organization. We will review problem-solving and decision-making methodologies and discuss the merits and disadvantages using real-life team-meeting examples. In addition, you will be exposed to simulations where team facilitations or brainstorming skills are honed. This program also will address how to resolve differences and manage conflict, and how to establish a Team Performance Management System that will keep your team on track and motivate your team members for high-performance.

• The World Class Team Diagnostic Program

This program addresses the skills and processes necessary for a team to become a "High Performing Team." The program begins with focused interviews with key players and stakeholders, along with our conducting a customized Team Effectiveness Survey. We identify team strengths, as well as performance issues and gaps, and help your team develop practical solutions and Plans of Action for achieving higher levels of performance.

• The World Class Team Goal Development & Alignment Program

This program takes team members step-by-step through the pivotal process of aligning team activities with annualbusiness plan targets and objectives. We work with your team not only to clarify business strategies, but also to align tactics, accountabilities and timelines with identified strategies. Further, we will help you identify Measures of Success™, which will assess the effectiveness with which the team is executing its identified strategies.

• The World Class Team Decision-Making Program

In today’s team-driven businesses, individual decision-making is being increasingly replaced with collaborative decision-making. Using our World Class Team Decision-Making Process, we help teams to evaluate their decision-making roles and styles and learn how to engage in consensus decision-making and to make informed and collaborative decisions. This program is ideal for both intact and newly formed teams.

• Tough Talks for Teams©

In this program, we examine the reasons for interpersonal difficulties at work, which are often a direct result of the inability to communicate clearly with team members, bosses and other stakeholders. We will explore steps to build better relationships through more robust and honest dialogue. Additionally, we will provide team members with feedback on their individual communication styles and preferences, using the DiSC™ communications style instrument.

• Resolving Team Differences

The more we learn about how to manage the inevitable conflicts that arise in teams, the greater is the chance we have of creating open and honest communications within the team. In this interactive program, you will learn why differences of opinions and ideas can benefit a team. You will identify the principal sources of conflict, understand the different behaviors and attitudes of individuals when they are in conflict, and apply a systematic process for using proven strategies to resolve differences effectively.

• Team Creativity

This program helps teams develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills using the Six Thinking Hats© system. The team will learn how to use different types of thinking: moving from emotions to facts; negative to positive; critical to creative. Team members will learn how to look at issues from the same perspective and, at the same time, allow the team to stay focused on their goals, generate creative ideas and improve group synergies to produce breakthrough results.

• Team Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning requires openness to a different possible future. We will provide tools to help your team learn how to have honest conversations and re-focus their energies for a new start. During the program, your team defines its business ideas, identifies trends and themes, creates a Scenario Matrix, and develops key Action Strategies. A Strategic Plan is developed from these work products which then can be conveyed throughout the organization. We also will evaluate the team’s confidence and help close performance gaps that may be holding the team back from success.

• Building a Collaborative Global Culture

More and more, an organization’s success or failure is driven by a culture that blends individuals from various functional areas and/or diverse geographies and culture. This program teaches the necessary skills to encourage collaboration and teamwork among employee groups within an organization. Participants will engage in individual activities as well as team simulations to help develop collaborative skills. They will assess how they best contribute to a team’s success and how to analyze and structure teamwork. Potential assets and liabilities are examined to determine individual and team developmental needs. In the program’s final phase, participants will develop Action Plans for improving their effectiveness on the various teams with whom they work.

• Team Coach University

Our work includes a multitude of training and organization development interventions to start up and continuously improve team performance, from team start-up, to use of team technologies, to sharing Team Best Practices across global teams, to projects which quantitatively measure team success.

Whether you’re a team leader, team facilitator, or internal/external HR/OD practitioner, you have the opportunity to help the teams you work with become championship teams through effective team coaching. In this program, we will present practical models and tools to use in helping to set up and develop your teams for high performance. We will also explore the roles and competencies required to become an effective team coach.

This is a highly interactive workshop with instructors alternately providing best practices and tools and engaging participants to use them. We will form teams that will apply their learnings in "real time," as well as allow for back-at-home application discussions. Throughout the program, we will assign participants the role of "Team Coach" and de-brief their experiences, while we assess them with a Team Coach Competency model.

• Team Boot Camp for Teens

This program provides teenagers with the competencies and practices for effective teamwork. Throughout the program, the teenagers, who will be formed into teams, will work together on simulations and other group activities and learn how to receive feedback on their work and communication styles. This program can be run as an after-school program or embedded into a school communications course.

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