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EquiPro International, Ltd. is an international management consulting firm with offices in New York and Florida. Established in 1987, the company specializes in Leadership, Team and Business Development programs.

All of the work at EquiPro begins with the question: What results are you trying to achieve?

It’s not often an easy question to answer. To help organizations and individuals move past obstacles, overcome hurdles and sometimes get out of their own way, takes a little digging. With a trained eye and a host of tools, training and talented team members, Lynda McDermott successfully guides her clients to find the heart of their goals and aspirations. She then helps them develop clarity of vision and facilitates the development of an action plan and path that allows her clients to achieve that vision in a practical and manageable way.

They’ve worked side by side with business leaders in over 25 countries to bring leadership out of the clouds and down to earth. From successfully launching leadership and functional teams, to coaching the Presidents, CEOs and top corporate leadership around the globe, Lynda and her team prove that high performance stems from a high level of commitment, accountability and competency. That's what makes world-class results possible.

In keeping with their core set of key values and guiding principles, EquiPro keeps learning and changing, too. They have broadened their senior level network of Associate Consultants and added associates and capabilities that will enable them to further extend their reach of services.

They’ve listened to their clients' requests and are expanding services in such areas as:

  • Executive leadership team development
  • Emotional intelligence coaching for individuals and groups
  • Entrepreneurial business development
  • Professional strategic planning
  • Virtual team development
  • New team start up
  • Team transitioning
  • Global team development
  • Success tracking for the first 100 days in a position
  • Conflict management
  • Alliance and joint venture management
  • Coaching for women professionals
  • Association leadership
  • Results-producing Keynote Speaker topics and workshops

EquiPro consultants serve as both teachers and students as they work in close collaboration with their clients. They take pride in their commitment to craft customized solutions that will allow their clients to achieve measurable results.

When you are asking, “What results am I trying to achieve?” for yourself and your organization, look to Lynda McDermott and EquiPro to help you find the answers and the solutions for achieving world class results.

Contact them today at 212-421-1645 or 813-415-3664 to learn more.

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