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• Creating a Strategic Marketing and Business Development Function

Now more than ever, business development and marketing professionals, who are responsible for sales and marketing initiatives, must be responsive to the needs of their clients. Through the years, research has shown that those organizations most successful in growing their businesses were engaged in establishing an organizational culture that continuously encourages business development. This program is custom-designed to provide professional services organizations with a structure to encourage all professionals and staff to participate in the business development process.

In this program, we work with senior leaders (Partners, Managing Directors, etc.) to develop marketing plans and processes for creating a high-performance marketing and business development culture. We also focus on the leadership role they must assume in order to encourage and sustain business development throughout the organization.

• Sales Excellence

The selling process is changing. The economic and competitive marketplace demands that we develop the sales practices needed to excel in a challenging business environment. We help organizations identify the sales practices that are required to effectively compete today and in the foreseeable future. During this program, individual sales people and sales teams will compare their sales practices to the organization’s requirements and then identify specific strategies for improvement. We will help you identify specific sales behaviors and competencies needed for success now and in the future based on competitive and organizational requirements. We will review your personal Sales Performance Analysis™ results and assess their unique sales strengths and development areas. We also will develop Action Strategies for bridging the gap between Sales Excellence requirements and current sales practices and competencies.

• Consultative Selling

The selling game has changed for professionals such as accountants, lawyers and consultants. More than ever, professionals who are responsible for increased sales or new business development must anticipate and be proactively responsive to the needs of their clients. This customized program teaches you the difference between "hard selling" and "consultative selling," in which the seller and buyer are joined in partnership to match seller products and services to clients’ needs, thereby creating "win-win" solutions.

• Client Values Team Selling

Successful sales organizations focus on team-selling, relying on a collection of experts to provide client solutions. This program is designed for mid- to senior-level professionals to strengthen your existing business development skills with a focus on developing value-added propositions for your clients and key prospects, and on enhancing team-selling effectiveness with colleagues.

• The Power of Relationships

In today’s competitive and information-overloaded marketplace, clients and customers find it difficult to differentiate both the services they are potentially interested in buying and the professionals who sell them. Consequently, they seek advice and information from sellers with whom they have developed respect and trust. We know that the clients’ and customers’ experience will strongly influence their buying patterns. All this suggests that professionals who sell must develop their ability to become trusted advisors, which is a combination of their credibility, their aptitude to develop customer and client relationships, and their ability to persuade and influence.

We have validated research on professionals who excel at building loyal relationships and have developed a powerful program for sales associates and business development executives. In this program, we help you understand the approach to customer and client relations undertaken by the most successful sales and business development executives. We will help you discover the attitudes, beliefs and practices of the best performers – "the difference that makes a difference."

• Build Your Business for Success!

In this interactive and highly experiential program, we begin our work with your organization’s business development executives by assessing their current sales and marketing skills using the Sales Performance Analysis™. We will help you develop a marketing plan, including methods for targeting prospective clients, and will generate strategies for increasing your visibility and credibility in your marketplace. We will explore buyer types, how to identify potential needs, and how to develop a cold call into a relationship with the potential buyer. We also provide participants with hands-on experience in different selling techniques.

• Business Development Boot Camp for Professional Women

This program is based on research to identify the best practices of professional women who excel at business development. In this intensive "boot-camp" program, we help women professionals (e.g., accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, etc.) understand their underlying beliefs and assumptions about "selling;" select their target markets; and process and examine their unique business development and relationship building skills and strategies. Upon completion of the program, each woman will have a six-month Business Development Action Plan and receive follow-up coaching to facilitate implementation.

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