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• Strategic Leadership Directions™

Using The Strategic Leadership Directions™ process, developed by the Management Research Group, your organization gains clarity and alignment about the type of leadership your organization requires in the future, given its business objectives, strengths, challenges and opportunities. Because there is no "one right way" to lead for all organizations, the Strategic Leadership Directions™ program enables your senior executives to select the template of leadership practices that is needed to create a leadership culture aligned with your organization's strategy.

• Leading for Results: Leadership 360°®

Prior to this program, you will complete a confidential Leadership 360°® survey assessment. As a result of this program, you will be able to improve your leadership style and practices through a personal 360°® leadership feedback profile. You will understand the differences between leadership and management practices and develop a vision and strategy for empowering and motivating others to produce improved results. This program will enable you to develop specific leadership action plans for selected leadership skill areas.

• The Power of Leadership: Leaders Developing Leaders™

As organizations grow, leaders are expected to coach their employees to cultivate a new generation of leaders. This program focuses leaders to think strategically about the development of their employees for the future. You will learn how to assess others' leadership capabilities and potential areas of ′derailment,′ and how to use your own leadership stories, experiences and knowledge to coach others for future growth. Based on your current coaching style and skill level, you also will develop a Leadership Coaching Action Plan.

• The Sudden Impact Program™ for Leaders in Transition

The key to an effective leadership transition strategy for a new executive—whether you are transitioning to a new position in the same organization or to a new organization—is to target your energies and resources in a planned direction to accelerate successful leadership performance in your new job. This program begins with a Leadership Orientation Phase and Stakeholder Assessment during which we coach and guide you, the new leader, to get to know your new environment, your team, customers, boss, peers, etc. Additionally, we facilitate planning and strategy meetings to help you outline a transition plan for the first six months. We can facilitate transition meetings with your new team and with other stakeholders to clarify expectations and leadership styles, and to prioritize key business issues.

• Leadership Development for Women

Increasingly companies and professional services firms are forming internal alliance groups designed to support the leadership development of its women professionals and executives. We provide keynotes and seminars on the leadership challenges women face in the workplace and in finding work-life balance.

• Influencing Others

How do you influence others and obtain the resources needed to accomplish given tasks and objectives? How do you gain the cooperation of colleagues in today's matrix organizations? How do you win the support of departments and divisions, other than your own, in order to build relationships and accomplish organizational goals? You will learn how to identify priorities that are important to stakeholders to thereby create "value exchanges" and use persuasive strategies and communications skills to help you generate win-win results.

• Getting Results with Situational Leadership©

Using Blanchard’s Situational Leadership© II survey and tools, this program provides leaders and managers with the concepts for determining which leadership style is most appropriate to use when delegating and coaching others. You will analyze the "level of readiness" of your employees for specific tasks or situations, and practice using four different leadership styles to help them reach peak performance.

• Developing "Smart" Leaders©

A body of research, popularized by Dr. Daniel Goleman, has found that highly successful leaders possess key attributes or character components that are referred to as "emotional intelligence": Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Skills. In this program, you will receive 360°® feedback to better understand the impact of your leadership behavior on your employees’ motivation, performance and retention, and on how you are perceived as an emotionally-intelligent leader.

• Developing Emerging Leaders

One of the most difficult management transitions is to move from the individual contributor role to the role of a manager. As a new manager you are expected now to get work done through others (who may once have been your peers) and to share leadership responsibilities with your colleagues and boss. This program will help you to understand the roles and expectations of first-time managers/leaders compared to those of individual contributors; avoid the typical mistakes made by new managers; create a motivating and empowering work environment for your team; learn how to manage the performance of others and understand how to manage your boss’ leadership style and expectations.

• Presentation and Communication Skills

The goal of this program is to develop your ability to make successful presentations by learning how to connect with your audience. This includes defining professional presence and learning what it means to project an air of likeability, authority and executive appearance. In addition, we will work with you to control your body language, ‘rambling’ and ‘wandering’ to help you make impact with your presentation. You will learn to behave naturally and let your inner presence come out.

• Leading Out Loud

Today’s managers and executives cannot succeed without the full commitment of their people. This program will help you learn how to inspire actions and motivate commitment through authentic leadership communications. This highly interactive program will help you discern when and how to use stories for maximizing the impact of your leadership communications. You will understand how to develop stories that meet specific communication objectives. You also will learn how to leverage your own unique personality to become a compelling storyteller and authentic communicator.

• Interpersonal Communication Skills

This program is designed to help professionals solidify their communication and interpersonal skills. If you have received feedback that you have trouble listening to others, or can't seem to get people to follow your instructions, you can benefit from this program. We use the DiSC™ survey to help you assess your communications style and learn how to adjust your style to relate better to your colleagues.

• Build Your Organizational Confidence with Strategic Planning

Lack of confidence can hamper success in achieving business results. In this program, we will not only help with your strategic planning process, but also will provide you with methodologies and tools geared to improve individual and team confidence, which in turn will facilitate faster results! During the program, the team creates a Scenario Matrix and develops key Action Strategies. These work products are then documented in a Strategic Plan that can be communicated throughout the organization. Additionally, we will evaluate your Leadership Team Confidence and help close the gap that’s holding the team back from organizational success.

• Strategic Thinking

Dynamic and innovative organizations require leaders who can think strategically about new information and opportunities, while simultaneously keeping the long-term vision in mind. This program shows you how to use right- and left-brain thinking to engage in a three-phase Strategic Thinking Model: Discover, Invent and Deliver. During the workshop, you will apply the strategic problem-solving process to your current work-related issues.

• The Leader's Legacy

No matter what your title or role is, you are leaving a Leadership Legacy today, whether you know it or not. The question is, what will that legacy be? Living your Leadership Legacy now should help you get the results you want today and tomorrow.

The Leader's Legacy is a powerful and inspirational program that will challenge you to analyze how your past leadership experiences have shaped the leader you are today; develop an awareness of your own personal "Leadership Brand"; and answer the question: "How can I best lead today to deliver value to my clients, colleagues and employees?" At the end of this program, you will have an Action Plan for being the leader you want to be remembered for tomorrow and...today!

• Appraise Your World: How to Lead Your Life!

In this program, which can be conducted individually or in group settings, we will help you to think of how you want to lead your life. You will undergo a detailed self-examination to determine your current life status and your future goals and objectives, and learn how to develop a plan for achieving them.

The Personal Directions® Survey gives you the opportunity to explore your motivations, examine how these have affected the choices you have made in different areas of you life, and consider what actions you might want to take in the future. The Personal Directions® profile provides a foundation for career development and personal growth planning which presents you with feedback on where you see yourself in a number of significant areas of life; provides information on areas where you are currently either gaining satisfaction or feeling dissatisfied; suggests ideas you can consider as you evaluate and review you current personal and career choices and options for change; and creates a structure you can use to develop strategies for reaching objectives while building on what you have already accomplished.

• The Goals for Life™ Program

This program is a three-part series for professionals and executives that focuses on goal setting and goal achievement. It provides a unique way of thinking about your future as well as effective tools and a supportive environment for ongoing feedback and accountability. The program offers an exceptional learning experience and presents a structure for integrating and achieving personal and professional goals for optimal life/work balance. You also will develop a personal Action Plan that will facilitate the implementation of goal strategies.


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